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Cooperatives date back to the mid 1800s in England and France and have become our modern day Credit Unions, Mutual Insurance Companies and Wholesale Clubs.  The goal of the cooperative membership is to work together for the benefit of the group.   Either to puchase products in bulk and offer to members at a lower price or to pool funds for the mutual protection of the groups assets.  Based on these concepts we created the Saver Health Community to offer solutions that benefit the physical and emotional health of members.

Saver Health was created based on the following core principles:

Open Membership

Membership is open to all without restriction.  

Benefits not Profits

Provide the greatest possible benefit to the greatest number of members.  Unlike other commercial companies and internet sites, this Co-Op will prioritize member benefit over maximizing site profitability.

Private and Confidentail

Confidentiality and Security of information is our primary goal and yearly security audits will be shared with the entire community.

No member information will ever be distributed or sold.

Cost Saving

Services should be made available at or below current market rates.  Bulk purchases will benefit the entire community.

Member Directed

New features and services will be developed based on member priorities and feedback.

Distribute Profits

Return any surplus income over the cost of operations to members based on their usage of the site.  


Provide members with the opportunity to support emotional health charitable organizations.  We believe that charities that deal with emotional issues are doing great work, but don't get the same level of financial support as other physical health issues.


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