Participation Rules

Members of the Saver Health Community are expected to follow these basic rules and etiquette when communicating.  Breaking site rules will result in your account being suspended.

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Anonymity and confidentiality are basic requirements.  Everything shared between two or more members is confidential and should not be shared beyond the site.  Members agree to keep secret the names of other members and what is communicated.   Discussions posted on the site are never to be copied and distributed outside the community.  The only exception is when someone threatens to injure themselves or others.


Respect for privacy is a top priority.  Members should never be forced to answer or share information that makes them feel uncomfortable.  Members agree that they will never pressure other members to participate in a discussion or activity if they have chosen to pass.


Share feelings and experiences, but the Saver Health Community is not an opportunity to share unsolicited advice to other members (e.g. Fixing Others) except if your advice is 

requested.  Speak from your own experience and try not to generalizing.  Use "I" instead of "They" or "We" or "Everyone"


Be respectful and sensitive to other members, not condescending and critical.  No one know what the other person is going through and members need to provide possitive and encouraging.


No Saver Health Community member should ever be humiliated, hazed, or abused in any way.  Members agress to avoid this distructive behavior and accept all members as they are without making judgments.


Members share the responsibility to make the site work by sharing insights and experiences.  Participate to the fullest of your ability.   Community growth depends on the inclusion of every member voice.

Respect for Leadership

Respect the authority and rules of specific community group facilitators and subject moderators.

No Intimidation

Intimidation toward other Saver Health community members is never tolerated.


Offensive and foul language is not acceptable

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