Our Story

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Saver Health was created by Daniel Pierce in 2012 after he recovered for an extended battle with a chronic health condition call Ulcerative Colitis (UC).

During his care and recovery, Mr. Pierce found that our medical community is quick to get out their prescription pads, but often ignores the stress and anxiety that patient is going through.  In that area, you are on your own, but most people simple don't know where to turn, so it goes untreated.  Mr. Pierce found that his emotional health directly impacted his physical health and numerous studies have confirm the direct link.

Support Community

As a software engineer and product manager for many years,  Mr. Pierce envisioned a private community where members felt free to share their experiences and feelings without the stigma that typically occurs when you try to get emotional help.  Much like Facebook and Google Plus, but instead of being a public community with loose controls, this community would focus on privacy and security and connecting members with mental health resources.   To do this he created the Saver Health Co-Op.

Data Challenge

The problem with emotional health is that it is not like measuring your blood pressure with a device.   Members would need a way to measure their emotional health at any time and any where.  To do this Mr. Pierce created a set of mobile applications that would collect data for Saver Health members.  A member can easily set up a schedule to quickly quantify how you are feeling on his android or iOS phone.  This data can then be tracked over time to get a snap shot of progress and challenges to be reviewed with a support group in the Saver Health Co-Op.

Its All About Our Members

The Saver Health Community and Mobile Apps are just the tools to be used, the real benefit comes from Members learning and supporting other Members.   Saver Health will always be Member Focused.  We encourage you to review the principles and member rules that guide Saver Health.


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