400pxSuccessSaver Health offers a solution that allows members to manage their emotional and physical health between doctors visits.  This community of individuals that are working together to monitor their health, share important information and support each other with the goal of maintaining and improving overall health.   Saver Health offers:


Saver Health is all about sharing knowledge and wisdom by those with experience to those that want to learn.   Sharing with your support team, asking question in a discussion group or reading the latest personal blogs, Saver Health members learn from each others experiences.


Saver Health directories allows members to share education, treatment and support options that they have found and to share their experience with the community.


Support groups have demonstrated over and over that they can help the members by encouraging and holding each other accountable.  Saver Health makes it easy to create or join an existing support group without the travel.  Just log onto any internet connected device.   It is a great complement to existing support groups to keep members connected and communicating. 


The old addage goes, if you cannot measurement it you cannot imporove it.  As you enter information into Saver Health, you are able to view data over an extended length of time, to identify trends of improvement or degridation.  It is a lot like tracking a stocks performance.  In addition you are able to compare your information to other groups in the community to see you you are doing.

Early Detection

Data that you enter into Saver Health is analyzed against industry standards.  Saver Health will issue an alert if there is an area that you need to reviewed.   Alerts can help members to consult healthcare providers early, before a condition worsens which could result in a trip to the emergency room or time in a healthcare facility.

Improvement Incentives

Saver Health offers both a points and award system that recoginzes those that are making strides to help others and improve their own health.  As more and more user participate in Saver Health, the incentive program will grow to benefit all members.

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