Frequently Asked Questions.


What is a Community with Co-Op Principles?

A Co-Op or co-operative is defined as "an autonomous assoiciation of individuals who voluntarily coporate for their mutual social, economic and cultural benefit"   Co-Ops have a long history of helping their members and Saver Health wanted to create a secure place on the internet were members can privately work together to manage and imporve their overall emotional and physical health.   This is very important for anyone who is managing a chronic medical condition or mental illness, but everyone can cooperate on imporving their overall wellness.  Numerous studies have showen that it is always better to work with a support group then trying to do any task on your own.

Do I need to be a Member to access the Saver Health Community Web Site?

YES, only members can take part in the Co-Op.  Membership is FREE, but you need to complete a personal profile to use the site.

Is there any cost to being a member of the Saver Health Community?

No the community is FREE.  Paid subscriptions are available for Group Moderators and Healthcare Professionals that offer advanced features at a yearly membership fee.

Is Saver Health Community Secure?

The Saver Health Community encrypts all communication between your device and the Community web site with AES-256 bit encryption, just like your Internet banking account.   All Saver Health servers are securely managed and daily backups of data are stored in encrypted archives.  In addition any health parameters that you store on the site are assigned a token and seperated from your account details.  For more details refer to the Confidentiality information on the site.

What are the Privacy Settings?

The Saver Health Community allows each user to select between multiple privacy settings of all information that is stored on the site.  all information that is marked PRIVATE can only be accessed by the user, all information that is marked FRIEND can only be viewed by individuals that you have accepted as a friend.  all information that is marked COMMUNITY is available to all members of the Saver Health Community.

Is my health information shared with anyone else?

NO any health information that is associated with your account, is yours only any will not be shared with anyone that you do not designate.  See the definition of Privacy Settings for the multiple privacy options.  In addition, reveiw the detailed privacy policy for how account information is protected.

Is Saver Health Mobile?

YES, the Saver Health web site is responsive so the information will be resized for mobile devices.   In addition, Saver Health has created mobile applications that allow user to collect personal health data to be reviewed in the community.

What platforms do Saver Health Mobile App support?

Saver Health mobile applications are currently available for Android and iOS.

Where do I get the Mobile Application?

Once you create a Saver Health Co-Op account you can select the download link to view all applications that are compatible with the Saver Health Co-Op site.  Saver Health applications are also available in the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes store.

Do I need to install a Mobile Application?

You can use the Community site without using the mobile data collection applications, but if you want to track specific health paramters a mobile app needs to be installed.

What Health Parameters can I record?

Saver Health currently allows user to record over 30 emotional and physical health parameters.  Physical health measurements such as weight and temperature, to lung function, blood pressure and blood glucose.   Emotional Health surveys and scales allow members to track anxiety, stress and disposition which can greatly affect your health as well as a Thought Log.

How do Community Support Groups work?

Saver Health allows users to join exisitng support groups as well as creating your own private support group that can be used between care givers and family members.


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