400 NotebookThe Saver Health Community offers a number of valuable features for individuals to manage their emotional and physical health and to also connect with support groups to provide encouragement and motivation in meeting your personal health objectives.

Personal Profile

Your profile provides the details that are needed by the site to direct you to information that is valuable in helping you meet your personal objectives.  Your age and contact information are required, but most items are optional, however more details will make it easier to connect with others with the same issues and interests.

Health Objectives

You can define personal objectives that are important to you.   Each time you access the community, you will be remined about your objectives.   These objectives can be updated via your profile at any time.

Health Timeline

Record information that you think important about managing your health.   This information is stored in a time ordered stream of information that you can keep private or share with your support team or the entire community.

Health Blogs

Any member of the community can create their own blog entry.  Blog Entries can be Private, Friends, Members or World.   Blogs entries can contain text, pictures and videos that are streamed from Internet services such as Youtube and Vimeo.   The Blog Composer makes it easy and quick to create Blog content to be shared.

Discussion Forum

The Saver Health Discussion Form allows users to select a category to ask a question about.  Other members of the Community can respond based on their experience.

Health Analysis

Base on the information that you have entered, Saver Health analyzes the data to provide a Health Analysis that provides cautions, warnings and alerts that you can review and determine if they are important to you.   These alerts are based on health industry standards and may indicate that you need to see a healthcare provider.

Health Measurements

As you record information on the site or via the Saver Health mobile applications, you will be able to review how these measurements change over time by creating charts for different time periods.

Health Schedule

Based on your health conditions and objectives, Saver Health recommends a number of health measurements that you should record.  A Health Schedule provides the details and allows you to change times and add and remove events that you think are important to you. 

Support Groups

You have the ability to create or join a support group.   Once you have joined a group you are able to communicate with the group members, share information and connect on common events.

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