400 MountainTopSaver Health is a cooperative community site that allows individuals to manage their emotional and physical health as well as build a support team to encourage and help them meet their goals.  Saver Health is for anyone who is working on improving their overall wellness as well as for individuals who are managing a mental health issure or chronic medical condition.   Saver Health provides a number of tools that make it easy to track how your are feeling over time and allows you to create a time line to track your health journey.

Saver Health Community uses cooperative principles for the benefit of members.  A Co-Operative is an organization where members help the community and the community works to identify products and services at the most competitive cost for community members.  The following items defines some of the features of the Saver Health Community site.

Health Profile

When you create a FREE Saver Health account you will be prompted to define a personal health profile that records your basic information and what your health objectives are.  You also have the option to record specifc health conditions that you may be managing and general interests that can be used to connect you with others in the community.  Your profile is used by Saver Health to connect you with other individuals that are striving for the same goals or are dealing with the same issues as well as news, blogs and discussions.

Time Line

The Saver Time Line allows you to track how you are doing on your health journey.  You can make notes about what your are doing, how you are feeling , what you are eating and what are your challenges.   Any entry in your time line defaults to "ONLY ME", but you can chose to share your entry with Friends or other site members.  You can also make entries to your timeline from all Saver Health Mobile Application.

Saver Groups

The Saver Health Community also offers Saver Groups that you can select to join.   A Saver Group is typically set up by a site moderator or health care professional and is a place where you can connect with others that have the same interest or are dealing with the same type of challenge.  Groups can be open to all member or restricted requiring the approval of the group moderator.

Saver Events

The Saver Health Community also allows member so set up Events that notify members of a specific activity or presentation.  Events can be specific to a Group or for all members of the community.

Saver Apps

Saver Health has integrated several mobile application that allows you to record various health measurements, from how much you slept or exercised, to your weight, blood pressure as well as how you are feeling and that your are focusing on.  Health Moble Apps will prompt you with an alarm and take you right to where data needs to be entered based on your defined schedule.  It makes tracking your physical and emotional health fast and simple.

MoodSaver: Focuses on collecting Emotional Health and Thought information.  Stress, Anxiety and Disposition scales as well as a Thought Log give you a way to review how your are feeling.  This detail can then be reviewed at a later date with your group of health care professional.  Other activities such as Exercise, Meditation, Sleep and Steps can be tracked and compared to your emotional health parameter to see how activities reflect on your emotional health.

StatusSaver: Focuses on collecting Physical Health information, such as Weight, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol and Breathing.  Tracking how these values change over time can help to understand how your physical health is doing and to determine if your physical health is being effected by your Emotional Health.

CountSaver:  Allows users to create their own items to count and then record how often an event occurs.   Counting events can give you an indication if your condition is under control or out of control.  


Health Status Analysis

As you record health parameters, Saver Health compares them to limits defined by organizations such as the American Heart Association and other health associations.   If you are close to a health limit, Saver Health will proactively notify you with a Caution, Warning or Alert that you need to take action to manage your health.  Saver Health does not replace your healthcare provider, but can prompt you to contact them for guidence.

Health Charting

Any health measurements that you record can be reviewed in a table or graph to show how you are doing on meeting your health objectives.   Measurements can be compared and trends identified.  You can select charts for specific measurements and measurement group summaries over user selected periods.  Charts can be generated either within Saver Health Community or in the Mobile Application.

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