Mobile Applications

Saver Health has created a number of FREE Mobile Applications that allow members to easily collect data from a mobile device that will help to track your physical health as well as your stress and anxiety.  Applications allow the user to define a schedule that then prompts them to collect the selected data item.  Use the following links to view all available Mobile Apps at the App Store.

iTunes App Store

SaverHealth mobile applications are available in the Apple iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad devices. Select the link above or searh for "SaverHealth" to view all available applications.

Android App Store

SaverHealth mobile application are available in the Google Play Store for phone and tablet devices.   Select the link above or search for "SaverHealth" to view all available applications.

The following mobile applications are available for both Apple iOS and Android mobile devices.  Follow the provided links to download the application to your device from iTunes/Google App Store.

Mood Saver

MoodSaver 80 

Mood Saver takes a snap shot of how balanced your emotional health is.  The application compares your Stress level balanced against positive activities such as Sleep, Mediation, Exercise and Journaling that improve your emotional health. The application can also be expanded to measure Anxiety and Depression levels. Managing your Emotional Health is just as important as managing your physical health.  

All measurements are based on proven emotional assessments.  Chart and Timeline values to review how your emotions change over time. 



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Status Saver

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Status Saver helps you track 25 traditional health parameters such as Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Weight, Cholesterol etc..  How these measurements change over time can indicate how your physical health is doing and is an important part of managing any chronic conditions.  Status Saver provides a number of charts to analyze health parameter changes over time.



Count Saver

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Count Saver is a general purpose event counting application.   Select any of the previously created counts or create your own count value.   Count Saver helps you keep track of how often specific events or activities occur and how they can be impacting you physical and emotional health.  Chart and Timeline counters to analyze changes over time.




Mobile Features 


Mood Saver and Status Saver allow you to define a data collection schedule that creates an event to indicate data needs to be collected.  
Alerts can be created for the following time frames:

  • Daily - one or more times during each day of the week.
  • Weekly - on a specific day of the week at a designated time
  • Monthly - on a specific day of the month at a designated time
  • Yearly - on a specific day of the year at a designated time


When a scheduled event occurs, an alert will be displayed on the mobile device.  When the alert is selected, you will be taken to the data collection screen to enter the specific type of data.


Select a specific health parameter and time-frame to view a list or chart of the data.   Bar charts are provided for small amounts of data and line charts are provided for large data groups.  More charting options are available on the SaverHealth Community.


Select one or more health parameters and a time-frame to create a list of all the values that have been recorded during that time period.  Select any of the data values to view and edit the details.


Post a note on your SaverHealth Community timeline from the mobile application.


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