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 Ad supported membership group 


 For  Life Time

Basic membership is FREE.

Basic members can use all collaboration features of the site and join interest groups, but will have ads displayed with the content that is entered and provided.

FREE membership also provides access to all Saver Health mobile applications.  See Downloads for more information on available mobile apps.



 Build Support Group Communities 

$ 60.00

 For  1 year

If you are interested in creating a private or public discussion group you will need to have a Group Moderator subscription.

Group Moderators are able to create new groups, invite members and moderate information that is presented in the group.  So each group will need one or more Group Moderators.

A FREE subscription can be upgraded to a Group Moderator subscription at any time.



 Professional yearly plan 

$ 120.00

 For  1 year

This subscription is designed for Mental Health and Healthcare professionals.

The Pro Plan subscription provides all the features of the FREE and Moderator subscriptions, but also allows professionals to create Resource and Ad content for the site.


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